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Our free AI paraphrasing tool uses modern AI model to produce human-like text.

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Keeping the meaning of your text intact while altering the words and sentence structures with proper synonyms and sentence structures.

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Used by Individuals and Organizations


Produce clear and concise writing for a general audience while accurately conveying the original source's main points.

Marketing professionals

Paraphrasing marketing copy and content in a unique and engaging way with multiple tone options for different audiences.


Generate paraphrased text with a change of tone to suit your writing style and articles.


Rewrite source material in order to avoid plagiarism and ensure that written work is unique and original.


Produce high-quality and effective marketing materials with multiple paraphrasing options for ideas and phrases.


Produce error-free articles and stories with the right words and tones for the audience.


Rewrite texts to match the tone and style of the published papers.

Business Professionals

Produce high-quality rewritten texts for internal and external documents that are clear and concise.

Content Creators

Rewrite content for different social media posts, website content, and videos for different audiences.


Paraphrase large amounts of information from the source materials in your research.

Paraphrase with Ease

Simply enter your text into the input box above, choose the tones that you want, click the Paraphrase button, and our tool will provide you with the most effective paraphrased versions of your original writing.

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